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ALHIRAKEE BUSINESSMEN SERVICES is an enterprise specializing in providing superior service to business and related them through a dedicated team and are very familiar with all the administrative tasks to provide integrated solutions and all in record time
We offer our services since 1994 and always strive because we are the pioneers in the field of business, Our experience ancient allow us to do all the tasks entrusted to us and to the fullest through our multiple and entrenched This is in addition to our knowledge of the laws and systems in place to achieve the best results and to provide effective solutions and direct to our customers and save time and effort and money.

We do not offer services and by, we offer solutions and accomplish this Our slogan always (Yes we can)

Our Vision:
Provide all the solutions and support to our customers and to prevent them from all the problems that hinder their business and help develop and facilitate business.
Our mission:
Building a strategic partnership between us and our international partners to provide all the solutions and services for business and remove the obstacles that hinder the success of their business.
Our Goals:
Careful to emphasize that we are committed to Our slogan (Yes we can)
Building a sustainable relationship with our customers and the development of this relationship permanently
Find effective solutions and reduce costs and provide better services
Provide guidance and tips for saving energy and money for our customers
Since 1994, HIRAKEE has been designing, installing and managing akaleidoscopic array of functions.
From personal celebrations to large corporate events, dream weddings to destination management services, every Event Lab project is handled with the maximum degree of creativity and attention to detail. With the needs of our clients at the heart of every project, we are committed to providing creative environments with passion and flair.
Our Formula for Success combines the talents of skilled designers, decorators and stylists with the technical and mechanical expertise needed to produce truly magical experiences. Our many years of successful event building and outstanding creativity will ensure experiences that are not only visually spectacular, but logistically streamlined. The design and production of all theming components are created in-house.
We are a Dubai-based company dedicated to exceptional, personalized client service, and through our nationwide and international network of resources, we have global reach. Whether the destination is United Arab Emirates or GCC Countries, our team looks forward to collaborating with you on your next event.
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  Tel: +971 55 99 43 960 / +971 50 72 45 700 E-mail: vip@hirakee.com Address: Dubai Shopping Center - Office No. FF36